Barrie’s Top Real Estate Agents

Why You Should Choose Barrie’s Top Real Estate Agents

View our List of Barrie’s Top Real Estate Agents. Choose from out List of Highly Trained Professional Realtors who are experts in choosing the right “Barrie Neighborhood” for your family home Barrie's-Best-Real-Estate-Agents-Newsor investment property. Use the years of Knowledge, Training and Experience of out Local Real Estate Experts to ensure you get the best value for your hard earned dollars. When listing your home your property will be expertly marketed and strategically priced to that you can achieve the highest possible price on the sale of your home. Our highly trained agents are constantly monitoring the local Real Estate Market trends to provide up to date pricing and trends.

Buying Real Estate is always a sound investment! Your Real Estate Investment gives you a roof over your head while providing a Tax Free Return on your Capital. The Real Estate Investment Network has identified Barrie as one of the “Gems ” ranking third in Ontario with a very bright Long Term Investment future. Barrie’s Go Train has allowed many young professionals to work in Toronto while their family enjoys to benefits of living in a smaller town. Barrie’s continued growth into Secondary Education has also increased the younger people demographics in the local area. Barrie’s population is estimated to grow to 210,000 by the year 2030.

Trust Barrie’s Top Real Estate Agents for First Time Buyers

First Time Home Buyers can find the Barrie Real Estate Market a little daunting. Our professional agents will help you identify my exact needs relative to the type of neighborhood suited to your lifestyle. Our agents are always available to answer questions and provide valuable data and statistics about various properties of interest. Our goal is to make your home buying process as educational as possible while still ensuring you buy a property at the right price.

Avoid “Realtor Remorse“, wondering if you chose the Right Realtor.  Selecting the wrong agent can turn one of the greatest purchases in your life into an unpleasant experience. All our agents are seasoned professionals with many years experience in buying and selling Real Estate in the Barrie area. All our Realtors are individuals and not part of a Team. While Real Estate Teams have become popular nothing can replace the “One on One Experience” that comes with using our Real Estate Veterans.  Do your homework about the buying process and your local market. And in shopping around for the right real-estate professional, don’t forget to ask friends and family to recommend agents they’ve used.

Ask Barrie’s Top Real Estate Agents Questions

You should always meet with a potential agent in person before visiting any listings with them. This important first step will allow you to ask some hard questions directly to the agent that will enable you to narrow your list down. Learn about their experience in the neighborhood, their skills, strategy and how they negotiate single or multiple offers. These questions help you to select the right real estate agent. Ask as many questions as you might need in order to feel comfortable with them.

Real Estate is a Local Game

Real estate is a local game, and to succeed you need someone who does business in the areas where you’re looking to buy. Not only will they be up on market trends, they’ll know about local schools, commute times, and under-the-radar red flags, like the solid-waste transfer station that’s been proposed for the neighborhood.

Ensure Your Expectations are Realistic

Make sure your home buying expectations and prices are in line with current market conditions. For example, are you looking for a home in an area where competing offers are common? Is your budget suitable for the type of home and location you are interested in?  With interest rates heading higher and tougher Mortgage Requirements your home buying choices maybe limited.

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