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Hi there I am a full time real estate agent focusing on Barrie & the surrounding area, with a wonderful referral program available throughout North America.

Real Estate Tips when buying a home

  1. Your Credit Rating – Knowing what your finances are an important piece of information to know prior to applying for a mortgage. This will help you have a better understanding of what your mortgage process will look like.
  2. Understand How Mortgages Work – Do your research. There are many different types of mortgages out there, and by doing your research, you will see which mortgage is going to best suit your needs before meeting with a lender.
  3. Mortgage Pre-Approval – Talk with a lender to have a better understanding of how much you can afford and make sure the proper paper work is in place when a lender approves you for a mortgage.
  4. Figuring Out Your Needs and Wants – Making a list of your needs and wants will make your home-buying process a lot easier and will also give your real estate agent more information to help find the home you are looking for.
  5. Choosing the right Real Estate Agent – Ensure you have an understanding of real estate agents loyalties and duties, before making your phone call, as agents represent both buyers and sellers.
  6. Searching for the “Ideal Home” – There are numerous tools available to help with searching for your home (the internet, newspapers, etc.). Utilize as many of these tools as possible.
  7. Pre-Offer Investigation & Offer – Don’t just look at the cosmetics of the home you are interested and be sure to go through, in detail, the structure and features of the home, the before making your offer. Also, be sure to discuss any questions or concerns you may have about the home with your agent prior to submitting an offer.
  8. Before Closing – Ask any questions you still have before the closing date. There will be a lot of people involved in this process, such as your lender, attorney and your agent.