Home Selling Tips for Barrie can help you get the most value for your home.

Find a Great Real Estate Agent

Your Professional Realtor comes with a highly experienced team behind them.  Your Realtor will have Professional Staging, Professional Pictures and Video’s, and Professional Marketing tools.   Long gone are the days where your Realtor took the pictures and printed out your Marketing Handbook  at home.

Your Realtor’s Experienced eye may have you updating old brass door handles to the more modern silver or pewter look.   Changing your exterior lights might give your home a completely different look at night.   These are just some of the items your Real Estate agent will be looking at when Listing your property for sale.

Price Your Home Right

Your agent will have a list of similar homes and hopefully some in your neighborhood to assist you in choosing the optimum price to List Your House at.  Listing below current market prices is an option some sellers choose to generate multiple offers,  usually price will exceed the average listing price range and is a good thing in the right market.

Over pricing your home is the death-knell for home sales.   This is the most common reason you will sell a home for sale for months on end.  Typically you will eventually see those For Sale Signs come down and the home taken off the market for a while.  An agent may agree to list your home at a higher price, but only if you agree to drop that price within a specified period (usually in 15-day increments).  This may or may not work for you.

Accepting Offers

Always ask to see an offer in writing. Just be aware that some buyers won’t spend an hour or two filling out formal paperwork if there’s a good chance their offer will be rejected. If nothing is in writing, ask your agent for more details: What type of closing is the buyer looking for? Are there any conditions? Any information that can verify whether or not a buyer actually exists will help you assess whether the offer is legitimate.

Continue to accept viewing on your home even if you have a conditional offer. An offer is a signal that a buyer is seriously interested, but until all conditions have been met or waived the sale isn’t complete. That means your realtor should continue to actively promote your listing until the deal is finalized. Just make sure that any would-be latecomers know there’s a conditional offer already in play.

Pre-Sale Home Inspection

Having your home inspected by a Professional Home Inspector prior to listing can help your sale go smoother.  A typical home inspection will pick certified master inspector for Barrieup around 30 small items and hopefully no large items.   Identifying these items allows you have them repaired prior to Listing which will allow your home to show better and also help prevent any Problems on the conditional part of sale when the buyers bring in their own home inspector.  Also it is a little known fact but when as a seller you have a pre-listing inspection you are not responsible for any issues that could arise in the future. ( ie: undisclosed water leak in basement )

If you are looking for a Home Inspector with an “Eye for Detail”, call the Barrie Home Inspector.    Roger Frost 705-795-8255