What is a Free Real Estate Market Analysis?

A real estate market analysis is often called a comparative market analysis (CMA). It consists of an analysis of the current market What-is-a-Comparative-Market-Analysisvalues of properties, compared to a property you are looking to buy or sell. A CMA is a useful tool to help determine the market value of your own property, especially if you are trying to decide an accurate selling price prior to listing. Professional Realtors are trained on providing this information to the clients.

Should You Do a Real Estate Market Analysis?

Whether you are buying or selling a property you should always get a Real Estate Analysis which can determine if your getting full value when selling and ensure you don’t pay too much when buying. A CMA can level the playing field for both “Buyers” and “Sellers”.

Here are the items typically involved in performing a Comparative Market Assessment.

  1. Area and Neighborhood
  2. House Size and Square Footage
  3. Lot Size
  4. Number of Bedrooms and Bathrooms
  5. Other Rooms – Offices etc
  6. Number of floors
  7. Age of home
  8. Amenities and Features – Pools, Fireplace, Gated Community
  9. Location – Schools, Shopping etc
  10. Improvements

Look at expired listings. These will be of indispensable help in your comparable market analysis. Usually the reason for listings to expire is that the price was too high. If there are listings for homes comparable to yours that have expired, you should probably not ask for a price as high as theirs.

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