Home Staging can help sell your home as quickly as possible.  Buyers tend to pay closer to listing price for homes that are well Barrie Realtors - Home Stagingstaged.  Home staging is a worth while investment which will set your home apart and reduce time on the market.

Buyers will relate to your home when professionally staged.  Removing personal items from view allows possible home buyers to visualize the home as their own.  

Some estimates of the value of staging a home is pegged at about 6% higher selling price v.s. un-staged homes.  Your professional home staging company will tap into your homes potential and ensure it stands out to prospective buyers.

Get that WOW! Factor in your home.  With some simple changes, possibly adding some furniture coupled with space planning can transform  your home into a show piece that can take the buyers breath away.

Every home has highlights that set it apart from the rest of the market.  A professional home staging company will bring those highlights to the forefront and ensure your buyers attentions is drawn to them.

A stager can help with your online listing, too. Video tours are also becoming more common place. A staggering number of people—95% according to a National Association of Realtors (NAR) report—use the Internet during their home search. That means that your home had better show really well online. Staging and photos by a professional can help you do that and increase sale price and reduce time on market.

This is one of those “it depends” situations. It’s not possible to put an exact price tag on staging since there are so many variables: the province and city where the property is located; whether it’s a vacant property or one that’s being lived in (vacant properties really do need to have some furniture added because,  “Seeing a vacant house is like looking at yourself in the mirror naked – you see every flaw!” ); whether you want a stager to do a walk-through and write a report; whether you want a whole house do-over using your own furniture or some supplied by the stager; or whether you want all rooms done or just the living room and the kitchen. 

In the last few years a new category of staging—virtual staging in which furniture and accessories are photo shopped into rooms—Virtual Home Staginghas appeared. It’s worth considering for online photos and is not as expensive as actual staging. But full disclosure is absolutely necessary. Most Realtors recommend that there should be two photos —one real, one photo shopped—on the site. A lot of Realtors say that there is data to show that virtually staged photos on a website bump up the viewing numbers and may convince someone that the property is worth a look. 


How to Find Professional Help

Unlike some professions, there is no official licensing entity and no licensing exam for staging. Just about anyone can call themselves a stager, so the best way to find a good one is to get referrals from a seller you know who has used and found success with a particular stager or from your broker. A good broker will have connections to good stagers.