Real Estate Teams are the Current Rage


Some Interesting Facts about Real Estate Teams


#1  A Real Estate Team might portray all sales as a huge number under the name of the “Team Leader”.  While this may seem very impressive as a Team it can be very deceptive in real life.  If the Real Estate Team has 30 agents and they are portraying the Team Number at 90 sales,  that is actually only an average of 3 sales per agent, which does not sound very impressive at all.  So it all comes down to marketing,  you probably would hire someone who is advertising 90 home sales that year but probably not hire someone advertising 3 home sales.  ( Actually if they only had 3 home sales they probably could not afford to advertise. )

#2  Real Estate Teams are typically where “newbie agents” get their first start in the Real Estate Industry,  They are commonly called, “Incubators for New Agents”.  Whether “Buying or Selling Real Estate” ask questions and demand answers about who is representing you.  A strong Real Estate Team can provide excellent service based on years of Real Estate experience which can ultimately help you achieve your goal.

#3  Will the Advertised Team Leader be representing you?  Probably not!   You might meet the Team Leader to get the deal, but then that’s when the “Team” steps in and takes over the deal.  Although all the advertising is about the Team Leader and they are featured on all the marketing  you will most likely never meet the Team Leader.   When you call for an appointment ask who will be your contact person for your Real Estate Transaction,  and ensure you research their experience prior to signing any representation agreements.

#4 Every Real Team is different, depending on their leadership and vision.  Different approaches to Compensation Sharing, Team Education and Overall Goals will ultimately determine your customer satisfaction when dealing with any Real Estate Team.   As a consumer you owe to yourself to educate yourself prior to retaining the services of any Real Estate Agent.

# Real Estate Team Duties

This is just a sample list of duties that Real Estate Team members can be tasked with:

  • Handling buyer phone calls on listings and sign callsBarrie Real Estate Agents - Happy Buyers
  • Escorting buyers on home showing tours
  • Drawing purchase offers
  • Hosting open houses
  • Appearing at home inspections
  • Managing the lending process

It’s no secret that getting your real estate license is relatively easy compared to other professions. However, it is even easier to fail in this business as 87% of all new real estate agents will quit in the first five years. Unfortunately, having a real estate license isn’t going to prepare you to face the reality of being a real estate agent.

Technology savvy agents have fine-honed the art of attracting home buyers by providing user-friendly real estate websites and by effective marketing. The combination of a great user experience and an education-based approach has created a massive inflow of leads which is usually too much to handle for one person.

While there are set in stone rules for real estate teams to follow, the basics still appear to exist within most teams. For starters, the team members tend to pitch in for each other and share the team spirit. The benefits to a client are myriad. It means that if an agent is not available for a client, the client can contact any other member of the team for assistance, even if the client has been assigned to the care of a particular agent. Somebody is always available.