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Canadian Mortgage App


Product features

  • Canadian Mortgage Payment (fixed interest rates and variable interest rates)
  • Calculate various different mortgage payment frequencies
  • Land Transfer Fees for all provinces and over 65 regions
  • Amortization schedule to show yearly principal and total interest payments
  • Connect with a local expert to move beyond the app

Product description

This mortgage calculator is as precise as it gets. Very easy to use – simply use your keyboard or the slider to input your values and instantly receive your calculated results for your Mortgage Payments, Mortgage Life Insurance, your Loan, and more! The calculations have been been vigorously tested and verified against available Canadian mortgage calculators from all Major Banks in Canada.

The Canadian Mortgage Calculator App calculates:

• Total Monthly Home Cost
• Canadian Mortgage Payment (fixed interest rates and variable interest rates)
• Various Mortgage Payment Frequencies
• Canadian Mortgage & Housing Corp (CMHC) Premium
• Land Transfer Fees for all provinces
• Land Transfer Fees for over 65 regions
• First Time Home Buyer Rebates
• Amortization Schedule to show yearly Principal and total Interest Payments
• Mortgage Life Insurance Premium
• Roommate Income Options to help on your mortgage payments
• Extra Payments

The Canadian Mortgage App also comes loaded with an appealing layout and an ever-expanding list of features, including:

• Requesting for help from within the mortgage app
• Connecting with Local Mortgage experts, Real Estate Professionals, and many more experts
• Learning about the different Land Transfer Fees for each province and the municipalities within thanks to our helpful and educational descriptions
• Graphing Technology To View Your Mortgage Loan Payments Over The Amortization Period
• Utilizing an intelligent slider to input your values
• Sharing Your Mortgage Calculations Via Email
• Importing Your Mortgage Calculations Via Email
• Social Media Functionality (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and many more)

Become a Local Expert in your area! By partnering with the Canadian Mortgage App, you are able to put your name and your company into the hands of thousands of Canadian Mortgage App users. Users in your area will be able to find your office via Google Maps, contact you in many different ways (such as by email, or by phone), and connect with you on your own social media network – all from within the Canadian Mortgage App. Check out or contact us to find out how!


The Canadian Mortgage app calculates your mortgage payment based on a number of factors. These factors include the cost of the home, any utilities or fees, any rental income, taxes, down payment, Mortgage Life Insurance, and Land Transfer fees.

The second main portion of the home screen is information about your loan. The total loan amount is displayed, as well as information about what your payments are, what type of interest you have (fixed or variable interest), the interest rate that is being applied, and the amortization period (in years). Clicking on the loan section brings you to a new page where you can select different interest rates, the type of interest, the amortization period, & whether the Canadian Mortgage & Housing Corp (CMHC) Premium is applied. The Loan page also features four tabs that can be accessed by swiping left or right.

The first tab allows you to select the mortgage payment frequency. The second tab features a table that shows you the remaining loan after each year, as well as yearly interest & principal paid. The third tab features a graphical representation of the remaining loan.

You are able to connect with a local expert in your area. Local experts are a great way to turn this calculator into a reality. Connecting with an expert nearby is the next step that needs to be taken after you calculate your mortgage payments on your own. There are a number of different categories of experts that you are able to view, such as mortgage experts. When you select a category, a list of the nearest experts to your location is displayed. Beside a picture of each expert, you will see their name, company, city, & a short description about them. If you tap on a specific expert, you will see their contact information, a description about their work, & a map showing you their location.