Real Estate Buying and Selling Tips

When Should I Sell My House?

Real Estate in the Barrie Real Estate market is seasonal.   December, January and August are typically the slowest months to try and sell your property. Conversely the best months to list a house Selling Your Home - Barrie Real Estate Agentsare February, March and September. These are the months where buyers are typically motivated and prices will generally rise during this period.

Your Barrie Real Estate Agent will walk you through all the steps and decisions required to ensure you get the most value for your home, Whether Buying or Selling!

Housing Competition

Generally speaking there are a limited amount of buyers out there so depending on your location and the selection of homes available will dictate the amount of showing you may get or if your home is unique buyers maybe flocking to your door.

Is Your Neighborhood Unique?

Many buyers will pay a Premium for items they want.  A particular school with high scholastic achievements, near to Barrie’s Go Train, availability of Parks or Recreation Complexes can also influence a buyers decision and amount they are willing to pay.  Living on high traffic roads will almost guarantee a lower selling price from similar homes in quiet roads or cul-de-sac.  In Barrie a home on Hurst Drive will definitely be around  $15,000.00 cheaper than the same home on a quiet street.  When the City of Barrie opened up the 4 lane road a lot of young families sold and moved due to increased traffic.

Location, Location and Location

This is one Real Estate Factor that will never change!  Buyers will always pay a Premium Price based on homes location.  Buyers in Barrie will never pay the same price for a house below the dump, surrounded all year long by flying seagulls compared to a house backing onto a ravine or green space.  Many residents of Barrie think that a lot of homes have become overpriced and some have sold and moved to Orillia, Midland and Angus to pocket the difference and reduce their mortgage.   If you talk to buyers from Toronto, Brampton, Richmond Hill, Newmarket and Bradford, they still think Barrie Real Estate is under priced and a great investment.  Barrie has been identified by REIN Investors as one of the top 3 investment locations in Ontario.

Professional Photography when Selling

In this day and age you have to Package Your Home correctly in order to maximize selling price.  All the top Barrie Real Estate Agents use professional photography including drones for sweeping panorama shots.   If your Barrie Realtor is still taking their own pictures, you may want to rethink your choice of agents.  As mentioned above there are only so many Buyers Available at any given time.  Most potential buyers are scouring through MLS listings to find their dream home.   You only get to make that First Impression one time….so make it right!

Professional Staging

Home Staging – the concept of transforming your home so that buyers can visualize it being their home.  Most profession stagers will want you to put away all your personal stuff,  collections, extra Stage-to-Sell---Barrie-Real-Estate-Agentsfurniture and old throw rugs etc.  All these items can be distractions which may prevent the future home buyer from seeing the Real Home and visualizing living there with his family.  Clutter can send many messages to potential home buyers….the biggest one is that the home is too small and there is not enough room for a family to live there comfortably.  Even having those essential appliances on the kitchen counter top might suggest that the kitchen does not have enough cupboard space.  Most stagers will work with what you have, rearranging and reallocating all of your belongings, in order to present the property in its best light. Sometimes this means moving some of those belongings to the garage.

Curb Appeal is Important!

Many home owners are guilty of not looking at their house from a maintenance point of view.  Many times it is the Realtor who has to point out simple chores that will enhance the look and feel of your home.   Some simple exterior fixes could include the following:

  • Kill mold and mildew on the house, sidewalks, roof, or driveway.
  • Stowaway unnecessary garden implements and tools.
  • Clean windows and gutters.
  • Pressure wash dirty siding and dingy decks.
  • Edge sidewalks and remove vegetation growing between concrete or bricks.
  • Mow the lawn. Get rid of weeds.
  • Rake and dispose of leaves, even if your lot is wooded.
  • Trim tree limbs near or touching the home’s roof.

A lot of showings are in the evening so ensure your lighting is modern and adequate to light up the front of your home.  Showcasing your home with exterior lighting can be a very effective selling feature.



  • A fresh paint job does wonders for a dingy house. Choose eye-catching color schemes.
  • Install a more attractive front door.
  • If you can’t justify the cost of a new door, consider replacing plain doorknob hardware with something more attractive.
  • If new hardware is beyond your budget, repaint or stain the door and polish the hardware.

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